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Pure Coconut Oil

Pure Coconut Oil 250mL.
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Coconut oil is a 100% natural unadulterated oil made from the white pulp of the coconut fruit, found in many tropical countries.

100% natural pure coconut oil for all your cooking, frying, or medicinal use. There is nothing like pure coconut oil for frying or even baking.

Easily one of the healthiest natural oil around, it also a very stable oil, keeping food fresh with a unique wonder it is used for movie popcorn.

It helps to lower your blood cholesterol levels, and has no bad fat called trans fat.

This oil is used in Africa, South East Asia and the Caribbeans in well over 25 main dishes. Along with palm oil, pure coconut oil should be in every home.

This oil has been scientifically proven to be a natural antibacterial agent, as well as help to reduce the damaging effects caused by allergies and hay fever in individuals.

It is also proven to be effective in promoting beautiful healthy and young looking skin if applied as body cream twice daily for those with dry skin and other troublesome skin conditions like keratosis piliaris.

The health and medicinal benefits of this oil is almost endless, supported by sure research. It has been referred to as "The miracle oil for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, weight loss and more" by a foremost research Siegfried Gurche in the book Pure Coconut Oil: The Healthiest Oil on Earth (Alive Natural Health Guides)You can see the book at

You can buy pure coconut oil online here at the click of a button.

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May 20, 2012
BEST AFRI ONLINE SHOPPING by Gbenga Ajayi (London Lo UK)

I have to confess that i'm quite impressed with my first order from afrocarib..hey everyone out there if your looking for a plesant online shopping.. then you are in the right place to do that..i'm saying this because of my experience with whatever you want and leave the rest to them..i assure you..u will never be dissapointed..take it from me..highly recommended.

Apr 25, 2012

I have been buying Plantain from you for quite a while now and I can categorically say you got the better Plantain selling for buying online and I am not ashamed to say that. Response From Afrocarib Dear C. Baptiste, Many thanks for your kind words and recommendation! We are committed to serving our customers as best as we can. Genuine appreciative comments like this encourages and spurs us on to do even better. Thanks. Please if you spot any area you think we need to work on, kindly let us know too. Your satisfaction is our business. Thanks again from everyone here at Ngozi Customers' Satisfaction Manager Afrocarib

Jan 25, 2012
So Yummy by Ezeukwu uchenna Richmond (Awka An NG)

Im so much intrested, how do i get ur contact so we can have a deal, distributorship will be a good idea

Dec 27, 2011
Best Plantatin on line by ( )

If you don't already know where to go for the beast plantain on-line; now you do and that is

Sep 30, 2011
Miss by Gloria Benstowe (Port Harcourt NG)

I have tasted your product and it is supb. I am interested in your product Banga-Trofai juice. I wish if you can make me your distributor in Nigeria in order to introduce in the Nigerian Market


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