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Shipping & Return Policy

Welcome to our shipping and return policy page.

UK Orders and Shipping Arrangement

We value your custom so much. All orders made are dispatched with all possible speed, subject to avialability in stock. On delivery, we would normally require you to sign for goods delivered. If you would not be at home, please ensure someone who can sign for your goods is around. Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know, if you have a bright idea on how to cut down our delivery charges less than what is shown here - to the benefit of our teeming customers!

We guarantee to dispatch items ordered within 24 to 120 hours (1 to 5 working days). Where items are not in stock and we envisage that we will not be able to meet this time frame, we shall endeavor to notify you via email. This will be the same email address you used to put in your order(s).

We have provided this shipping and return policy here as part of our terms and condition of business. Your using this site constitutes an agreement to the terms set out here and in other sections of this website.


All orders to UK Main Land (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) are delivered by any of our Courier company (Parcelforce, Royal Mail or United Parcel Services - UPS).

All orders are subject to availability. The pricing for deliveries are based on the weight of items ordered. The weight is automatically calculated by the website at the shopping cart, and the packaging and delivery charge are as follows (please ensure you pick the right shipping option, after you put in your post code and choose the right country - United Kingdom, otherwise you may be paying the wrong delivery charge. All others to the UK must read 'UK Ground' option).

Orders from Channel Island, and other British territories are dealt with as in the European Union. Please scroll down the drop down menu of the shopping cart page to locate your country of domicile or intended delivery address and follow pick the corresponding shipping option for that region.

Non UK Orders and Shipping Arrangement

We deliver Afro Caribbean foods to the EU, USA and Canada too. Please use the ordering system to try out how much it may cost to deliver orders to you. Delivery time is usually between 5 to 10 working days, subject to clearance by the Customs department at the port of entry.

Additional taxes and customs charges are the responsibility of the customer.

Please note orders sent by Royal Mail are not traceable once they leave the UK. Delivery charges are based on charges imposed by our couriers at discounted rates, starting from 8.99.

Please feel free to let us know if there is any courier service that is willing to ship your order to your non-Uk destination.

As can be appreciated, while we do everything we can to deliver your order, we do not have control over agents who we use to meet this end. We can not therefore accept liability for any damages caused by delay of delivery arising from but circumstances like postal strikes, and other matters over which we have no direct control over. We value your customer so much. You are the reason we are in business. So we guarantee to be very reasonable and fair in all our dealings with you.

Every detail here has been designed to protect you the customer, and to ensure the smooth running of this business so that we can serve you better. Please do not hesitate to drop us any great idea you may have that will enable us serve you better. Contact us now (via our contact us page).

Return Policy

Our cancellation and return policy allows you to cancel an order, should you think you do not require the item any longer. This must be done at the earliest possible time after the order was placed, and you must inform us quickly by email and by phone. You can return items ordered within 14 days of order for full refund, provided the item has not been damaged, taken out of its packaging, if individually packaged.

All purchases are covered by our "guarantee to supply you fresh and quality products or your money back". If you think an item purchased is not in good condition, please send us an email to let us know immediately. The item must be returned within 3 days of receipt in its packaging and you will get a full refunds.

If you order perishable materials like yam, plantain, okra or any other perishable food item, please note that except you inform us immediately on receipt that there is an issue with the item, we will not be able to accept such item(s) from you or issue refunds back to you. Please always check your orders once you receive them to verify that items ordered are in good condition.

If an item is returned because you do not need it or for any other reason except that it is sold to you in a bad state, we will not refund delivery charges to you, should we decide to make refunds to you.

Please also note that if an item is returned to us because of a wrong delivery address given during placement of the order, the delivery cost will not be borne by us. If the item ordered is perishable, we will not be able to refund the cost of the item too if it is no longer in a good resellable state.

Should an order to an overseas destination be returned by customs because the customer did not pay the customs charges (if any), we would not be responsible for the delivery charges incurred and will only refund the value of any resellable item returned (payment of customs charges and levys are the responsibility of the customer as mentioned above.

Most times, ordering a small amount of items does not attract customs charges abroad (please verify from your country the maximum value of overseas purchase you can make before triggering customs duty.

Whatever the situation, if you are not sure, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss a matter.

Data Protection Policy

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